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Photometric Reports

The installation as-built consist on a series of processes prior substantial completion of the Lighting Scope selected. This process may vary depending on the Lighting Package level selected. The as-built consist on the following:

  • Pre and Post Foot-Candle measurements
  • Pre and Post Power (kW) measurements (watts, amps, volts, power factor)
  • Pre and Post Kilowatt hour (kWhr) measurements, with Data Monitoring Service mentioned above and when central control software is installed, post reports will provide continuous lighting energy monitoring. 
  • Depending on the Transcon Lighting Package Level selected a luminaire as-built schedules and layout is catered of the entire scope of the project. Sensor placements, Daylight Photocells, Lighting Panels, Processors, Luminaire Upgrades, and many more...
  • Use of as-built analysis is provided to qualified customers

Pre-post installation as built analysis

The most detailed lighting analysis

Red lines represent time intervals

Yellow lines represent peak billing hours

White bars represent when the lights are On

Black bars represent occupancy in the room

Data Monitoring Service

Data logger monitoring service is offered to all customers at the Investment Grade Final Audit stage. The data reports generated are a key factor to determine real time use of the existing lighting system and the potential kWhr savings with the installation proposed. Preferred analysis for Performance Contracts.

  • Data Logger units record activity of a building's lighting as well as its occupants
  • Data is presented "Lights on vs Occupancy" timeline
  • Customized reports quantify potential energy savings from control systems project
  • Use of system is provided to qualified customers

Always a step ahead. Transcon uses the most reliable methodology for their building energy measurement and verification. Our customers have the peace of mind that their investment is being measured at pre-installation stage and at post-installation stage.