Through the use of photo sensors, light levels are automatically adjusted to take into account ambient natural sunlight entering the building. Artificial lighting is dimmed when necessary.

Lighting System Energy savings strategies

All luminaire upgrades can be enabled with Digital Addressable control. Depending on the Level Package selected, your building will have the capability to take advantage of all Energy Savings Strategies such as: 

Through the use of occupancy sensors, lights are automatically turned on or off or dimmed based on occupancy detection.

Entire Building Control Solutions

Facility managers can control from a central server software, tablet or smartphone and entire building. The ability to report and control: lamp failures reports, schedule events, sensor delays, energy reports, occupancy levels, Building Management (BMS) Integration are just some of the features of central lighting system control.

Setting default (maximum) light levels to suit the particular task in order to eliminate over lighting.

Lighting system energy saving solutions

Not only a great quality of service

Transcon counts with only the leading brands for their turn key packages. Ask our consultants for our Lighting Package Levels that best suit your building needs. From new Solid State Technologies to the latest high performance Fluorescent technologies combined with the most advanced Digital Lighting Control Systems to maximize all energy savings strategies.

Through Personal Controls, individuals can control (dim) the light levels in their workspace to suit their personal preferences from their wall stations or desktops.

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